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3 Unmistakable Ways “Made In America” Impacts Supply Chains

Posted by Ben Harrisonon Feb 10, 2021 8:25:35 AM
Ben Harrison

benefits-made-in-america全球供应链attractive to many manufacturers. Years of lower costs, lower wages, and profitable final product price points lured many American manufacturers into what consulting firm A.T. Kearney dubbed “offshoring inertia.”1Manufacturing and supply chain decisions were not necessarily prioritized, andoffshore productioncontinued.

Then, the turmoil of 2020 took hold. The escalation of the pandemic and global trade tensions exposed inherent risk by disrupting the once-comfortable global manufacturing and supply chain dynamic. Offshoring inertia quickly gave way to strategic reshoring initiatives for at least 69% of American manufacturing and industrial companies.2Nearly 60% of industrial leaderssurveyed by Gartnerindicated expedited plans to maximize their supply chain resiliency within three years.2About one-third of those same respondents noted new emphasis on moving business out of China and other countries.3

As manufacturers take firmer control of the global supply chain, they are weighing the benefits of Made In America manufacturing solutions.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Stability

Reshoring or initiating manufacturing projects in the United States gives manufacturers better control of the supply chain — particularly procuring and managing the raw materials needed for fabricated products like injection-molded applications. The supply chain stability granted byminimizing disruptions and controlling costs, turnaround time, and product qualityis a powerful argument for aligning with U.S. partners. Despite the benefits, persuading the 70% of manufacturers that make purchase decisions based solely on the bottom line1(versusTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)) isn’t necessarily the slam-dunk argument it appears to be.

However, the pride and appeal of Made In America manufacturing is causing some positive disruption of this price point mindset in manufacturing and supply chain management circles.

“Made In U.S.A.” Makes a Difference

The headlines around reshoring often center around job creation. Certainly, the influx of reshoring activity has adirect impact on American jobs and, by extension, the U.S. economy, but manufacturers are wise to take an even broader view of what Made In America could mean to profitable manufacturing and supply chain structuring.

The Reshoring Institute delved into just how the “Made In U.S.A.” designation impacts American customers’ purchase decisions. The results may not be wholly surprising, butthe pollreturned three ways American-made manufacturing may offset the typically higher costs of reshored production:

  1. Americans prefer to support products made in the U.S.A., and are willing to pay 20-25% more for them, with a small number willing to spend an additional 50% for American-made goods4
  2. Nearly half of American customers perceive products manufactured in America are better quality than those produced in other countries4
  3. 原产国和“制造”information on product labels sway choices for about 60% of Americans4

It’s important to note that claiming “Made In U.S.A.” status for products is not an arbitrary process. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hasstringent requirements and compliance standardsthat prevents deception and unfairness in the marketplace. This makes working with reputable injection molding suppliers that are committed to producing American-made parts and components just that much more crucial.

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Exploring Reshoring: Insights for Manufacturers

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